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For over a quarter century, Ostroff Law’s Bus Safety Lawyers have obtained top verdicts and settlements for accident victims. Our renowned, personal injury law firm has gotten justice for people injured and the families of those who died in crashes involving trucks and buses.


Below are a few of the cases that the firm has successfully litigated.


Auto driver seriously injured in Tioga County, PA crash into the side of a tractor trailer truck. They blamed our client for this crash and we proved them wrong.

Our client clocked out of her job and it was past midnight when she was heading home on Route 6 near Bradford, Pa and Corning, New York. The empty, flat trailer on a truck was blocking the highway and Stacy drove right into it. The truck company and the State Police said Stacy should have seen the trailer and avoid it.

We hired Dr. Bernie Lyons, one of top night-time visibility experts in the world, to analyze and explain that because the trailer lacked the striped, reflective tape that makes things visible at night, Stacy couldn’t have seen it and couldn’t stop her car in time to avoid it. To prove we were right, we had the state police shut down Route 6 one night, so Dr Lyons could make a videotape of the same truck blocking the highway. Thanks to this creative solution to demonstrate what really happened, Stacy received an award of $5.7 million dollars.

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$17m+ verdict and paid settlements in recoveries for a group of clients against a national bus company for a Union County, PA crash that tried to blame a small truck company.

We represented injured passengers from all over the country and world against Greyhound, the largest bus company in America. Greyhound (and the Pennsylvania State Police) blamed the driver of a truck that was destroyed in this highway collision on Route 80, near Lewisburg and Williamsport, PA. We found witnesses nationwide who provided evidence that led to a jury verdict that was split into two amounts. $3.5 million (pain and suffering “compensatory” verdict) was intended to compensate our clients for their injuries and $2 million more (“punitive damages”) was awarded to punish Greyhound for its reckless conduct that led to this crash. With delay damages, Greyhound currently owes our clients over $6 million as a result of this jury verdict from a six week trial. Greyhound also paid settlements in excess of $11 million to our other clients that were hurt in this crash.

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Mediated Settlement for truck driver injured in a Clearfield County, PA crash caused by another negligent tractor trailer driver and company.

Our client was badly injured in one of the worst truck crashes(over 50 involved trucks)in Pennsylvania history. It happened in a blinding snowstorm on Route 80 in western PA and we found the trucker that caused it. We collected $3.1m from his employer, thanks to “The Recorded Statement” Jon Ostroff took from the at fault tractor trailer driver only days after the crash. The trucker’s employer could not overcome this damning statement and they paid our client $3.1 million dollars.

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$5.5 Million in compensatory and punitive damage verdict in Philadelphia County against Greyhound Bus Company on behalf of four injured passengers. Case story/Jon Ostroff were featured by CNN.

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$4.1 Million in settlements against Greyhound for a small group of passengers injured in this PA Turnpike crash in Lancaster County, PA.

The Greyhound bus driver lost control of his bus and after being all over the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lancaster County, he hit a berm and the bus rolled over. He blamed his steering equipment. We blamed him. We were right, collecting $4.1m for our injured clients.


$2.7 million dollar settlement against commercial van company for injured mother and daughter. We recovered nearly $2M for Ms. Miller within about a year of this crash.


$3.7M pre-trial settlement for female bicyclist injured by truck operator. A truck driver slammed into our young client’s bike and propelled her over 100 feet in the air. The truck driver’s employer tried to avoid responsibility, claiming this crash occurred while the driver (with virtually no insurance) was “off the clock”.

We proved he was on the clock” and he was his employer’s legal responsibility, collecting $3.7 million dollars from the truck driver’s employer for our young client.

These awards are just a snapshot of the crash cases our firm has successfully handled. The bus safety lawyers at Ostroff Injury Law are vastly experienced with the complexities of commercial vehicle related accidents. They have represented victims and families devastated by injuries and deaths caused by all types of crashes involving multi-vehicle pileups as well as single-vehicle collisions.

When people are harmed in a bus accident as a result of negligence, our lawyers are committed and qualified to make at-fault parties take responsibility. Contact Ostroff Injury Law for a free consultation if you were injured or a loved one was killed in a bus accident.