Do You Know What to Do After a Bus Accident?

It’s that time of year. College students and young people are boarding buses to visit family members for fall break, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays. Most buses will arrive safely at their destination. However, bus accidents happen nearly every week and many of these accidents are serious. Before your child gets on a bus, make sure he or she knows what to do if there is a crash.

  1. Report the accident. Call 911 and tell the police that you have been in a bus crash. Don’t count on the driver to make the report.
  2. Get checked for injuries. If you have pain or visible injuries, ask to be taken to the emergency room. However, you should see a doctor even if you think you don’t have injuries. The shock and resulting adrenalin rush experienced after a crash can mask the pain of injuries for several days after an accident. So, get checked for head, spine and back injuries.
  3. Share information with the other passengers on the bus. Exchange phone numbers or email addresses. If you are injured, you attorney may need to contact other people who witnessed the accident. If possible, get the bus driver’s information.
  4. Don’t talk to the bus driver or the other driver about the crash. If you are injured and need insurance compensation, anything you say may be used to deny your claim. Even politeness can be used against you. A statement like “I’m fine” can be used as proof that you were not injured.
  5. Collect evidence. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the aftermath of the crash. Photography the position of the bus, the other vehicle, any accident damage, your injuries, any disorder inside the bus, property damage or anything else that can be used as documentation.
  6. Talk to an attorney before accepting any calls from insurance agents. The insurance company will use any statements you make to reduce or invalidate your claim.
  7. Don’t accept the insurance company’s first offer. Offering a low early settlement is a common insurance company tactic. The insurance company knows that you don’t understand the true value of your claim, so they make a low offer. This saves the insurance company money, but you could end up with thousands in medical bills.

Bus companies work hard to dismiss passenger’s injury claims and avoid paying for injuries caused by driver recklessness. Ostroff Injury Law works hard to protect the rights of bus accident victims. We stand up to big corporations like Greyhound, Trailways, and Megabus to make sure you get fair compensation.

Worried that you can’t afford an attorney? The initial consultation is free. We handle all bus accident cases on a contingency basis. You don’t pay until we win. Call 888-653-8585 for more information.