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Bus accident victims are often more seriously injured than car crash victims.

Bus Accident Injuries

Because of the immense size of a 20-ton bus and the lack of seat belts, bus crash victims are often killed or suffer permanent injuries. There are usually multiple impacts after the initial crash, creating even more devastation.

When a bus accident occurs, passengers often suffer one or more severe impacts within the confines of the bus. They are typically thrown from their seats and slammed into other seats, walls or windows. They may be thrown into each other.

Many crashes occur because a bus driver is careless, speeding or because they fell asleep. As nationally-recognized bus injury lawyers, we get the answers that help us understand why an accident occurred. Our team knows where to look and the questions to ask. That’s how we have recovered millions for injured victims.

We Protect Injured Bus Passengers

Bus accident victims deserve to be paid for their pain and suffering, for the harm done, and for the losses they have suffered as a result of their injuries. We can help.

Physical Injuries

Disfigurement, broken bones, spinal injuries, torn ligaments and tendons, and severe cuts and bruises are common bus accident injuries. Others are not as obvious, such as traumatic brain injuries, which can affect the way a victim thinks and functions.

Emotional Injuries

Emotional injuries suffered by bus accident victims are often less obvious than physical injuries. However, because emotional injuries directly impact a person’s quality of life, they can be just as difficult to live with.

Economic Losses

Medical bills and lost wages are some of the financial damages that Ostroff Injury Law seeks to recover for victims. If any costs are not covered by insurance when they are billed, we make sure they are paid by the bus company.

Loss of Life’s Pleasures

Physical and emotional injuries might negatively impact a victim’s relationships and inhibit life’s pleasures and enjoyment. We make sure the negligent bus company answers for these losses in addition to the financial burden it caused.

Send a Message

When victims hire an experienced bus accident lawyer to stand up to the bus company that hurt them, they send a clear message. They’re telling big companies everywhere that it’s unacceptable to let unsuspecting people get hurt.

Protect Future Passengers

Holding a bus company and its driver accountable for their negligence can have a big impact. When victims have a voice, they may protect others from suffering a similar fate at the same hands in the future.

Bringing a lawsuit against the bus company can mean obtaining much-needed compensation, sending a clear message, and having an impact for the future.

Jon is a respected bus accident injury lawyer. He and his firm will address every loss our client experiences and fight for fair compensation for these losses. When big bus companies don’t step up, Jon is the bus accident lawyer who makes them PAY.

Profit Over Safety

Greyhound, Megabus, Trailways, BoltBus and many other major bus companies all stress safety in their advertising slogans. Their bus accident histories suggest otherwise. When these and other bus companies try to avoid taking responsibility for injuries they cause, victims suffer more. Bus companies MUST be held responsible.

Put Our Experience to Work For You

Once our injury attorneys are hired, we promptly sue the bus company and aggressively dig out the facts. Jon attacks hard and keeps the bus company on the defense. Our recoveries on behalf of clients prove that our aggressive approach works.

In three cases combined, our firm has obtained more than $30 million in verdicts and settlements against Greyhound for passengers injured or killed in preventable crashes.

In one case, Ostroff Injury Law obtained a $17+ million verdict and paid settlements against Greyhound Bus Company for a Union County, PA crash. The company tried to blame a small, independent truck company for the crash. After six weeks on trial, the firm proved Greyhound was the sole cause of this crash. The jury agreed with Ostroff Injury Law and rendered a verdict with an extra $2 million punishment to Greyhound.