Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents may happen as a result of environmental, mechanical, or operating influences.

The one thing that remains the same in every bus accident case is that the bus accident victim is hurt and injured at no fault of their own.

Proving the causes of bus accidents helps direct liability so that accident victims can effectively pursue the compensation they need.
When we talk about environmental factors affecting bus accidents, we’re not talking about a storm or sun glare. Bus drivers are capable of road rage and their aggressive driving puts innocent passengers at risk. When a bus driver is experiencing road rage they may cut off other drivers, switch lanes without signaling, or speed.

Speeding is a top cause of most accidents. However, when it comes to bus accidents, speeding may not simply be a reflex of road rage. Discounted bus companies take great measures to keep their costs down and their schedules on time. The more trips scheduled, the more passengers can travel, the more money the bus company makes. Little time and attention are paid to passenger safety. Bus companies push drivers to make their schedules on time. This pressure from supervisors makes drivers go faster, but in doing so they may carelessly overlook certain procedures and maintain unsafe driving speeds on the road. They may drive when they are tired and fall asleep at the wheel. Even when bus drivers are on time and they have not exhibited aggressive driving tendencies, problem passengers could create a hostile environment and distract them from focusing on their job.

Necessary Maintenance For Commercial Buses

Since bus companies concentrate on keeping their costs low and their schedules on time, they may skip necessary maintenance work. Buses could be operating with old brakes or tires with no tread. Other times routine engine care has slacked and engines catch fire and belts snap. A bus accident that injures innocent people could have been prevented with properly managed maintenance schedules.

Our bus accident injury lawyers help victims by collecting necessary evidence to build a case that shows exactly how the bus company is responsible for victims’ injuries. Contact us to learn how we can help show how the bus company cause your accident injuries.