Our Bus Accident Lawyers Are Changing the Way Bus Companies Do Business

If you trusted them once when you got on their bus… and they hurt you… don’t be fooled again! We know how to prove what’s wrong with the largest bus lines in America. We know how to make big, bad bus companies pay. In fact, you don’t pay us until they pay you.

Bus companies talk about “safety” in their advertising. They try to give bus accident victims the sense that they actually care about preventing needless pain and suffering for their passengers. Greyhound likes to advertise “Safety First”… it’s the first thing Greyhound employees say when they answer the phone. Jon has proven that what bus companies really believe is “Profit over Safety.

Greyhound, Trailways, Megabus and BoltBus are all very large, nationwide companies. They have a lot of money. Safety costs money. They will spend money fighting against the people injured on their buses… rather than protecting the passengers that trust them. Our team of attorneys are prepared to take on these large companies, no matter where in America they crashed.

We understand that physical trauma is just one part of a bus accident victim’s injuries. You should also recover for your emotional and psychological distress caused by the bus crash. We recognize the financial stress caused by mounting medical bills and lost wages. While we fight for you, we will handle getting your bills paid. We will also offer you ways to make it through the time it takes for you to get back on your feet.

Ostroff Injury Law Has Given Bus Companies a Reason to Focus on Passenger Safety Over Company Profit

Once a bus crash victim hires our bus accident injury lawyers, they quickly see that our team sincerely cares about protecting the bus accident victim’s legal rights. Jon has developed a system that consistently works in achieving the most compensation possible for bus accident victims.

We work with top experts in the bus accident field. They help us figure out whether a crash occurred because vehicle maintenance rules were violated, the bus operator was poorly trained, too tired to drive or rules applying to monitoring drivers were ignored. Sometimes, we can prove that several safety rules were broken.

Jon knows how to handle your case to prove exactly what happened and how it should have been avoided if the company cared about safety rules. We will discuss your case with you for free. The bus company will pay you before you pay us. As our results in the past prove, we will not let you down.