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When Big Bus Companies break the rules... We make them pay.

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The bus safety lawyers at Ostroff Injury Law are the team that bus companies fear.

Our attorneys are nationally recognized by these companies as well as other attorneys, the news media, and legal organizations for their strong representation and recovery of tens of millions of dollars for injured victims.

About Bus Accident Injuries

A bus accident is terrifying. Bus passengers are trapped, helpless, and broken. They did nothing to cause the crash. Whether you were a bus passenger, hit by a bus as a pedestrian, or in a car that was struck by a bus, we can help you.

When it’s time to take on the big bus company for the injuries you have suffered, be sure to choose a law firm that has the experience and aggression to stand up for what you deserve.

It’s like David vs. Goliath.

Here’s what you need to realize about bus companies: they have enormous resources to fight lawsuits against individuals like you. Going up against them is like a modern-day David vs. Goliath story. This is why:

In-House Legal Department

Big bus companies have large legal departments waiting in the wings to fight for them.

Bottomless Resources To Fight Claims

A big, nationwide bus company has endless money to spend fighting your claim.

Experienced Defense Attorneys

They've done it before, and they'll do it again. Their legal team focuses on reducing payment for your injury claim.

They Go To Trial

The bus company’s legal team regularly takes cases to trial, and they're not afraid of you.

Unexpected Tactics

They will send 'investigators' to get statements and signatures – even when a victim is still in the hospital.

Experts On-Hand to Help

Bus companies know exactly whom to call upon to help build and strengthen their case against you.

Can't any lawyer handle the pressure and high cost of fighting “Goliath“?

To match the power of the national motor coach transportation industry, you need a law firm that has the respect of bus companies nationwide. Jon Ostroff is a nationally known, nationally respected bus safety lawyer. Our attorneys know the bus companies’ tricks to try and get out of lawsuits for less. We have the skill and experience to find out exactly what went wrong and who is responsible for causing the bus crash that injured you. Our team of bus accident lawyers has no trouble standing up to bus companies that choose to endanger their passengers.

And we win! Jon’s firm has recovered millions for seriously injured clients. Our clients don’t pay us until the bus company pays you!

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Profit Over Safety

Too often, bus companies find it cheaper to pay their attorneys rather than to invest in safety improvements and training. Who gets the worse end of that deal? Injured bus passengers, pedestrians, and car drivers.

Nationally Respected Bus Safety Lawyers

Ostroff Injury Law obtained a $17+ million verdict and paid settlements against Greyhound Bus Company for a Union County, PA crash.

Greyhound tried to blame a small, independently-owned truck company for the crash. After six weeks on trial, the firm proved Greyhound was the sole cause of this crash. The jury agreed with Ostroff Injury Law and rendered a verdict with an extra $2 million punishment to Greyhound. In three cases combined, our firm has obtained more than $30 million in verdicts and settlements against Greyhound for passengers injured or killed in preventable crashes.

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