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Bus companies talk about “safety” in their advertising. Greyhound advertises “Safety First”… it’s the first thing Greyhound employees say when they answer the phone. Jon has proven that bus companies care far more about “Profit over Safety.”

Most people don’t look into a bus company’s history. Bus passengers trust the bus company they pay to transport them. Why would a bus passenger research a bus company’s accident history when the company spends millions advertising “safety first?” The truth is: Bus companies care about profit far more than safety.

Bus safety is a highly neglected area. There are specific federal and state regulations and laws that apply to each crash. Whether you are hurt in a bus crash in California or New York, from coast to coast, Jon is the bus accident lawyer who bus companies fear most. Our attorneys know how to prove that bus companies ignore safety rules and regulations.

Bus accidents occur when bus companies fail to follow safe practices. Dangerous practices continue at Greyhound, Trailways, Megabus or BoltBus every day, from inadequate vehicle maintenance to unrealistic schedules that push and exhaust drivers. In 2008, the Department of Transportation revealed statistics confirming that over 20,000 people are injured annually in bus accidents. Since this study, the number of registered buses on the road has increased. Currently, approximately 850,000 buses are operated by bus companies. Greyhound alone operates over 13,000 departures every day.

Bus accident injuries are typically more devastating than those commonly sustained in car accidents. As Jon says: “bus accident victims are like eggs in a flying jar.” Bus accident victims have a greater risk of suffering severe injuries or death because crashing buses are not equipped with seat belts and involve multiple impacts. With so many other travelers on board carrying baggage and other personal belongings, items become projectiles in a bus crash.

No two bus accidents are the same. But most bus crashes are caused by poorly managed, profit driven companies, with poorly managed and poorly trained drivers. Jon uses his thorough knowledge of bus safety violations and accident history to collect the most effective evidence, which exposes how a bus company could have prevented an accident with better safety practices and rules.

If you or your loved one was injured or killed as a result of a bus accident, contact Jon for a free consultation. No matter where in the country your accident took place, our bus accident injury lawyers will be able to help you.

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Bus companies talk about “safety” in their advertising. In fact, Greyhound Bus Company advertises “Safety First.” Jon Ostroff and his team of bus safety lawyers have proven that what bus companies really believe is “profit over safety,” because safety costs money. These large companies will spend big money to fight people injured on their buses rather than protecting their passengers. Our team of attorneys is prepared and able to take on these companies.

$30 Million+ Recovered for Injured Bus Passengers

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$17 Million+

More than $17 million verdict and paid settlements in recoveries for a group of clients against a national bus company.


$5.5 Million

$5.5 million verdict with compensatory and punitive damages against Greyhound on behalf of 4 injured passengers.


$3.1 Million

Mediated settlement for a driver injured in a crash caused by a negligent commercial vehicle driver and company.


$5.7 Million

$5.7 million settlement for our client who was seriously injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle.