Rolla, MO Greyhound Crash

Help for Victims of Phelps County Chain Reaction Crash

Were you in a vehicle involved in the chain reaction crash outside Rolla, MO? Greyhound’s insurance company may be contacting you. Don’t deal with the insurance company on your own. Bus Safety Lawyer Jon Ostroff has created the I-44 Bus Accident Hotline to inform you your legal rights. Call us at 888-653-3636.

At 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 27, 2015, a Greyhound bus slammed into the rear of a Freightliner tractor-trailer on Interstate 44 outside Rolla, Missouri. The accident set off a chain reaction crash involving more than 25 cars and tractor trailers. Dozens of people were injured.

One of the vehicles involved in the crash was a tractor-trailer carrying a flammable liquid. The corrosive liquid spilled under the overpass at Exit 184 and contaminated the clothing of many accident victims. A HazMat team was needed for clean-up. Although the spill is considered minor, westbound lanes were closed for more than 24 hours. Many were stranded for hours as they waited for the crash debris to be cleared.

Greyhound Blames the Weather; We Blame the Driver

Although it was snowing at the time of the crash, police say that winter weather was not to blame for the accident. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, driver Ronald L. Brisker drove the bus off the left side of the highway. He overcorrected and crashed into the back of the semi-truck.  The bus was totaled and the tractor-trailer sustained extensive damage. Both drivers and 18 passengers were taken to the hospital.

The Bus Safety Lawyers Fight for Greyhound Bus Accident Victims

Wintry weather conditions mean that drivers should use extra care. Instead, a distracted driver caused one of the largest crashes in Missouri history.  We’re not surprised; this is just the latest Greyhound accident caused by a reckless driver.

On Christmas Eve, 2014, 41 passengers missed spending the holiday with their family after a Greyhound bus plowed into an accident scene and seriously injured a highway patrol officer. In October 2013, another Greyhound driver rear-ended a tractor-trailer at full-speed leaving 15 passengers injured.  These examples are just a few of the many crashes caused by Greyhound’s focus on profit over safety.

The Bus Safety Lawyers at Ostroff Injury Law have dedicated their careers to holding bus companies accountable for reckless drivers and the injuries they cause. We act fast after an accident because it is our job to protect you. Our attorneys have recovered millions for seriously injured clients. In fact, in three cases combined, our firm has obtained more than $30 million in verdicts and settlements against Greyhound for passengers injured or killed in preventable crashes.

Help Us Hold Greyhound Accountable: Call the I-44 Bus Accident Hotline

The Bus Safety Lawyers are investigating the Rolla, MO Greyhound crash. If you were a passenger on the Greyhound bus or were in another vehicle involved in the accident, call us. You could help prevent future bus crashes.

We urge anyone involved in the I-44 Greyhound crash to call the Bus Accident Hotline at (888) 653-3636. An attorney will listen to your story and review your legal rights. We’ll let you know what you can expect from the bus company and whether you are eligible for monetary compensation. The call is free and there is no obligation.

The Bus Safety Lawyers at Ostroff Injury Law work on a contingency basis. You don’t pay us until Greyhound pays you.