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Jon has very clear goals with clients… protect them, keep them informed and make the big bus company pay for what they did to them.

Bus chains like Greyhound, Megabus, Trailways and BoltBus have created their own methodology when handling a bus accident claim. Their goal is to settle directly with you, before you hire a lawyer. The bus company will try to settle your claim as quickly as possible and for the lowest amount they can get away with.

When a bus accident victim relies on a bus accident injury lawyer like Jon, they can be sure they are in good hands.

Jon has an organized approach to representing bus accident victims. We have three simple goals.

1) Protect our clients: From the outset, our first goal is protecting the client and acting on their behalf. Not only do we get between the client and the bus company, but we jump into the process of gathering the evidence about the crash while it is still available. We will interview witnesses, hire experts and analyze the evidence with them and keep the bus company from interfering with your rights.

Also, as part of our responsibility to protect clients, we will facilitate payment of medical bills so that our clients are able to obtain the medical care they need. We will also help look for solutions to assist our seriously injured clients who are in desperate need of financial support in order to pay medical bills, mortgages, or simply to survive while they are unable to work.

We will protect you from the bus company, as they will attempt to have you complete forms, answer questions and accept low settlements. All of these steps are tools used by the bus company to increase their profits by paying you less.

2) Inform our clients: Our clients become our partners. Our role is to take care of your case. In doing this, you will be aware of the steps we recommend and why we are taking them. This is what it means to keep our clients informed.

The client’s role in our partnership is to take care of their injuries. We will make sure that your medical bills are addressed and that you are getting the medical care that you need.

We realize that communication is a two-way street. When you call us, your calls and questions will be answered. We will also call you regularly to keep you informed on the progress of your case.

3) Making the Big Bus Company Pay You: While other law firms may claim they know how to handle big companies, our results speak for themselves.

Bus companies are large corporations—and Greyhound is the largest bus company in the US. Having a bus accident injury lawyer like Jon is essential during any accident claim, large or small. Our practice takes on large bus companies.

Contact our lawyers to learn more about how we at Ostroff Injury Law make the big bus company pay you for the injuries they cause to you.

Our Bus Accident Lawyers Are Changing the Way Bus Companies Do Business

Bus companies talk about “safety” in their advertising. In fact, Greyhound Bus Company advertises “Safety First.” Jon Ostroff and his team of bus safety lawyers have proven that what bus companies really believe is “profit over safety,” because safety costs money. These large companies will spend big money to fight people injured on their buses rather than protecting their passengers. Our team of attorneys is prepared and able to take on these companies.

$30 Million+ Recovered for Injured Bus Passengers

Put our expertise to work for you

$17 Million+

More than $17 million verdict and paid settlements in recoveries for a group of clients against a national bus company.


$5.5 Million

$5.5 million verdict with compensatory and punitive damages against Greyhound on behalf of 4 injured passengers.


$3.1 Million

Mediated settlement for a driver injured in a crash caused by a negligent commercial vehicle driver and company.


$5.7 Million

$5.7 million settlement for our client who was seriously injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle.